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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does Refurbished mean?

Refurbished devices are devices that are pre-owned and have been extensively tested to determine if its components are in a working condition. In the event that there are faulty components on any devices, those components are replaced by working components to ensure the device is fully functional. After the repair of the device has been completed it is then sent for Quality Control – this is another test that is performed on the device to ensure it is in full working condition and that the item is fully functional. During the Quality Control process the item is also Graded in terms of its cosmetics between B and C Grade, please see below for a description of B and  C Grade items.


  1. How old are the devices we have on our website?

The devices we sell are items that we have collected, repaired, and refurbished from corporate companies that were no longer making use of them. These devices vary in exact age but are generally items that are no longer in warranty with its original manufacturers and as such we have repaired and refurbished them. We provide a Warranty on the devices we have refurbished that comes from and is covered by ourselves. Please see below for more information on our Warranty.


  1. What is the difference between B and C Grade and what does it mean?

We use a grading system to indicate the cosmetic condition of our devices to also be transparent with our clients in terms of the devices that you are purchasing. Both B and C Grade items are fully functional devices that have been extensively tested and ensured they are in full working condition.


B Grade items have minor cosmetic marks to identify that they are pre-owned devices. This is to say that there would be one or two minor scratches or scuffs present on the device that would be hard to find and notice. No cracks, dents, or long and deep scratches would be found on B Grade devices.


C Grade items have cosmetic marks to identify that they are pre-owned devices. This is to say that there would be some scratches or scuffs present on the device that would be noticeable when you are close to the device. No cracks, dents or long and deep scratches would be found on C Grade devices but there would be normal scratches and scuffs present.


  1. Is there a Warranty on any device I purchase?

All our devices come with a 12 Month Carry-in Warranty unless otherwise stated. Some devices might have a shorter or longer warranty. The Warranty period for any device could be found on the product page for that device under the specifications at the end of the specifications.


  1. How do I place an order for a device I am interested in?

All our items can be ordered in one of the following manners:

  • Placing the order online for the item/s you are interested in.
  • Reaching out to one of our representatives to assist you in creating the order online.
  • Purchasing directly from our Physical Store in Centurion, Gauteng.

Placing the order Online:

  1. Once you have found the item you are interested in, you can add the item to your cart or click on the buy now option found on the product page.
  2. After adding the item to your cart you can select the option to proceed to checkout from the pop-up window.
  3. Once you get to the checkout page you will be asked to indicate whether you want the item to be shipped to you or if you want to pick up the item from our Store.
  4. If you have selected the item to be shipped to you, you will be provided with a field to input your shipping address where the item should be delivered.
  5. Once you have input your shipping address and/or selected the option to pick-up the item from our store you can select the option to complete payment.
  6. Once you reach the payment page there are 2 options to choose from: Payfast and Ozow.

Payfast Provides the following payment methods:

  • Credit & Cheque Card – Using your card to complete your purchase
  • Instant EFT – Using your banking app to complete an EFT
  • Masterpass – Paying using a Mastecard
  • Snapscan – Using your snapscan app on your smartphone to complete payment.
  • MoreTyme – Works as a lay-buy option – Splits the payment of the device into 3 monthly installments.
  • Debit Card – Using your debit card to complete payment
  • Mobicred – Purchasing the device on credit over a 12-month period
  • Scode – Use a short-code to complete payment – either VIA a printed barcoded invoice or VIA an SMS sent to your cell phone. This payment can be completed at any of the following retail outlets: Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Shoprite, Shoprite Usave, House & Home.
  • Zapper – Use your Zapper app to complete payment.

              Ozow: Complete payment VIA a direct EFT through your banking app online.

  1. Once you have completed the payment you will be provided with an order number for your order. You will also be sent a confirmation email to confirm receipt of your payment as well as a confirmation email of your order being successfully placed and the order number.
  2. Please note that we do not accept COD as a payment method because our parcels are not delivered by on of our representatives and rather by an external courier service.

Reaching out to one of our representatives:

  1. You can reach out to one of our representatives to assist you in placing the order for the device here:
  2. They will assist you in creating the order and sending you a direct link to complete payment through one of the payment methods outlined above or by completing a direct EFT.

Purchasing from our store in Centurion:

  1. You can visit our store or ask one of your family members or friends to come and purchase the item directly at our store in Centurion.
  2. It can also still be arranged in store that the item be shipped to you if you are not located near us. Payment can be completed in store, and we do have card facilities available.
  3. Our address is as follows: Unit 2, Cerimele Complex, 55 Adriana Crescent, Gateway Industrial Park, Rooihuiskraal, Centurion, 0154


  1. How do I see if my order has been packaged and is ready for pick-up or dispatched for delivery?

Once you have placed your order, we will begin to prepare the order. Orders are normally prepared and ready for pick-up and handed to our couriers for delivery within 24 hours of the order being placed. If unforeseen events arise there might be a 24-hour delay in preparing or sending out your order, if you have not received any confirmation of shipping or that the item is ready to be picked up within 24 hours of placing your order, please get in touch with one of our representatives.


Once your order is ready for pick-up the item can be picked up any time from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00.


Once your order has been handed to our couriers and you have received a shipping confirmation email, the item can be tracked with the tracking details provided on the shipping confirmation email and SMS.


  1. How will my item be delivered to me?

We use an external courier service to deliver our parcels. When you have placed your order for the device you want, we will start to process the order and prepare it for shipping if you have selected the item to be shipped to you. Items are packed within 24 hours of us receiving the order and handed to our couriers with 24 hours for delivery to you. Once your order has been handed over to our couriers you will be sent a tracking link to track your order and see where it is to anticipate delivery. Our couriers will deliver the item directly to the address you provided for shipping and there is no need to collect the item from a pick-up point.


  1. How do I return an item?

We do our best to ensure that your item gets safely to you whether it is being shipped to you or you are picking up the device. Unfortunately, some things are out of our control and if you receive an incorrect item or item that was damaged in shipping please follow the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Notify on of our representatives that the device is incorrect or received damaged.
  2. Our representative will arrange for the item to be collected from you and returned to us to resolve the issue.
  3. If the item cannot be replaced with the same item or repaired to the condition the item should be, our representatives will contact you with options for a similar device or a refund if a replacement device is not preferred.
  4. In the event of a replacement device or a repair we will ship the item back to you and provide you with the tracking details for the item for delivery.
  5. In the event of a refund our representatives will refund the device in the same manner as which payment was completed. Please see more on our refund policy here: